Thought leadership – let the world know your original thinking

Written by Stewart Pimbley|4th April 2019

What is thought leadership? Look it up and you get this definition: a type of content marketing where you tap into the talent, experience, and passion inside your business, or from your community, to consistently answer the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience on a particular topic. At IPB we put it

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Recycling common sense

Recycling commonsense – clear and simple communications are key to cutting waste

Written by Stewart Pimbley|20th April 2018

Clear simple communications are so often the key to real change. A simple message understood at a glance and delivered with impact has been known to change the way a nation thinks. Most recently the image of a whale with her dead calf “poisoned” by plastic has done just that. Rarely does a television programme

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Challenge the norm to stand out… but leave the rock n’ roll to Liam Gallagher

Written by Stewart Pimbley|22nd March 2018

Recently I was talking to a fellow Public Relations about thought leadership and the best examples (and worst examples) of people striving to position themselves as leaders in their fields. They told me a story about a client who wanted to be viewed as leader in their particular sector and believed the best way was

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NHS story tellers – blood, sweat and tears (and a good story) are needed to make the headlines

Written by Stewart Pimbley|21st February 2018

You would have had to be living on a different planet not to have seen the headlines about the NHS in recent weeks. The annual winter media feeding frenzy about the imminent collapse of the service. Experts rolled out, waiting list stats analysed, images of ambulances queuing up at A&E and apologising Secretaries of State

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It was the tweet wot won it (well almost!)

Written by Stewart Pimbley|15th June 2017

In 1992 The Sun took credit for the Tory election win. The Sun and all the nationals can’t make the same claim this time around and indeed will never be able to make that claim again.

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Fake News

Fake news – how about fewer fake reporters?

Written by Stewart Pimbley|9th May 2017

Fake news has been a buzz term ever since Trump made it to the highest office.

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