Transparency and honesty are key for telling your green stories

Written by Stewart Pimbley|25th May 2022

The scrutiny of green claims intensifies. Europe’s retailers are in the spotlight over their approach to plastic packaging. While it would be unfair to claim no progress has been made, there is still massive scope for improvement. The report finds: “that many supermarkets are promoting false solutions that fail to improve recyclability or cut back

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Crisis management can sometimes be just a sincere apology

Written by Stewart Pimbley|20th May 2022

A great piece of #crisismanagement. Last weekend in most of the nationals a story ran about Vogue Magazine’s publishers asking The Star Inn at Vogue pub in Cornwall to change its name as it might “cause problems”. The articles ran an apology which Vogue issued quickly after realising they had been a bit hasty sending

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Greenwashing is top of the meeting agenda

Written by Stewart Pimbley|17th May 2022

#greenwashing is something our clients have moved to the top of meeting agendas. They realise in the pursuit of trying to do the right thing for the #environment that they could be so easily undermined. #coldplay fell foul last week. Whatever you think about Coldplay, I don’t doubt that their intention was right. Unfortunately doing the right thing for the

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Social care in the pandemic – a sector of heroes

Written by Stewart Pimbley|1st May 2022

This week we finished working with Valorum Care Group after more than four extraordinary years. Extraordinary is probably the best word to describe our time with the group which provides care to more than 1,000 people in schemes across England. When we took on the work we never thought we’d be supporting them through a global pandemic

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Winds of change or blowing in the wind?

Written by Stewart Pimbley|20th March 2022

For 15 years, at IPB Communications , we have worked on planning application consultations for #windfarms. We have heard many arguments from vocal minorities why turbines should not be placed in their community. The arguments against have ranged from a considerable amount of false science to support a belief that turbines don’t work effectively, right through to they

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“Give us good news for a change,” say the newsdesks

Written by Stewart Pimbley|15th April 2020

The obvious focus for us over the last few weeks has been to help clients adapt their communications to the new environment we are all operating in. There is an obvious nervousness about making sure that communications are sensitive and much of our support has been about tone and thinking about how messaging will be

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Coronavirus – get the message right

Written by Stewart Pimbley|10th March 2020

The onslaught of coronavirus headlines is overwhelming. Cutting through the hysteria for the facts feels near impossible. We are crying out for clear and confident advice – who would we normally we turn to for this? The government, our NHS and its team of health experts. Yet this is a government who not only appears

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The news source dilemma

Written by Stewart Pimbley|18th November 2019

The juxtaposition of two stories online today about the future of the media and how we get our news is quite interesting. First the children’s TV news show, Newsround, is cutting its afternoon broadcast. The reason given is the show is now being watched more online by children. At the same time the head of

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No more cat and dog videos….Really?

Written by Stewart Pimbley|17th September 2019

Never post a dog or cat video is the advice we would give our clients – how does a cat playing a piano really add value to your brand?. So apologies, but am going to break our own rules here – this determined chap really does show the power of good video (and not expensive)

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1000000th fridge

Video – keep it simple

Written by Stewart Pimbley|18th July 2019

We’ve talked before about how effective video can be in terms of getting your message across. Shoot on an iphone, this 5 second clip of AO Recycling’s millionth fridge being processed has notched up more than 16k hits on LinkedIn – keep it simple when telling the story.

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Crisis and issue management

Identify the risks to your reputation

Written by Stewart Pimbley|10th July 2019

A question every organisation needs to ask is “what measures do we have in place to protect our reputation?” But before you answer this question, you need to identify and understand what the reputational risks are to your organisation. The risks can be split between internal and external and then between incident-led and issues-led. Internal

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Social sharing

Making staff your social media ambassadors

Written by Stewart Pimbley|18th June 2019

Your staff can be your best ambassadors on social media if you get it right. Using their own social media channel to be an advocate for your business can be really effective. It can be as simple as liking a post or retweeting a company post. Here’s a few suggestions for the best way to

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Getting connected

Written by Stewart Pimbley|3rd June 2019

You’ll no doubt have received messages on LinkedIn or Twitter from people offering to boost your connections by 1000s for just $10. But do you really want connections who have no interest in what you have to say? Cutting corners is not the answer to growing connections on social media. Hard work is – there

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Bob Hoskins

It’s good to talk

Written by Stewart Pimbley|13th May 2019

Recently one of the team spoke by phone to a local resident  who had sent in a rather terse email to one of the many project accounts we run for clients. He was amazed a) that someone had responded and b) that someone had taken the trouble to call him and listen to his concerns.

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Loose words will damage your reputation

Written by Stewart Pimbley|13th May 2019

Loose words online can cost a business or organisation dearly in terms of reputation and profit. In recent years staff policies and contracts have adapted to cover staff use of facebook and twitter (or at least tried to keep up with the ever changing social media landscape) – in bid to prevent staff sharing sensitive

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Social icons

10 days to approve a tweet – something is wrong

Written by Stewart Pimbley|13th May 2019

Having a social media presence is no longer sufficient. A presence needs to be backed by a clear strategy for what you want to achieve online. Strategy includes processes for posting effectively and efficiently. The most effective social media comes from reacting quickly to events, comments etc. Don’t let internal processes cause a log jam

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Thought leadership – let the world know your original thinking

Written by Stewart Pimbley|4th April 2019

What is thought leadership? Look it up and you get this definition: a type of content marketing where you tap into the talent, experience, and passion inside your business, or from your community, to consistently answer the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience on a particular topic. At IPB we put it

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Recycling common sense

Recycling commonsense – clear and simple communications are key to cutting waste

Written by Stewart Pimbley|20th April 2018

Clear simple communications are so often the key to real change. A simple message understood at a glance and delivered with impact has been known to change the way a nation thinks. Most recently the image of a whale with her dead calf “poisoned” by plastic has done just that. Rarely does a television programme

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liam gallagher

Challenge the norm to stand out… but leave the rock n’ roll to Liam Gallagher

Written by Stewart Pimbley|22nd March 2018

Recently I was talking to a fellow Public Relations about thought leadership and the best examples (and worst examples) of people striving to position themselves as leaders in their fields. They told me a story about a client who wanted to be viewed as leader in their particular sector and believed the best way was

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NHS story tellers – blood, sweat and tears (and a good story) are needed to make the headlines

Written by Stewart Pimbley|21st February 2018

You would have had to be living on a different planet not to have seen the headlines about the NHS in recent weeks. The annual winter media feeding frenzy about the imminent collapse of the service. Experts rolled out, waiting list stats analysed, images of ambulances queuing up at A&E and apologising Secretaries of State

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It was the tweet wot won it (well almost!)

Written by Stewart Pimbley|15th June 2017

In 1992 The Sun took credit for the Tory election win. The Sun and all the nationals can’t make the same claim this time around and indeed will never be able to make that claim again.

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Fake News

Fake news – how about fewer fake reporters?

Written by Stewart Pimbley|9th May 2017

Fake news has been a buzz term ever since Trump made it to the highest office.

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